Weekend Getaway To The Mountains

With the Bombay heat soaring to a new level, the traffic taking longer than usual, this crowded city led me to escape to the mountains to Bombay’s very own hill station Mahableshwar. Known as the strawberry hub of Maharashtra, Mahableshwar is located 6 hours away from Mumbai with some quirky food stalls on the way, making the journey up to the mountains pleasing. Mahableshwar is located along the Sahaydris, at a high altitude of 1,372m above sea level. This region boasts incredible panoramic views, breathtaking valleys, thick foliage and a pleasant climate.

I left Bombay early morning by 6 A.M. and reached our hotel bynoon. I was staying at Saj on the Mountains located close to the tourist spots in Mahableshwar. I ate lunch at their restaurant called Fasal. Saj has three restaurants; Fasal serving authentic Gujurati and Rajasthani thalis, Wilson Cafe a multi cuisine cafe and the newly launched Darwin serving European food. I relished a Thali at Fasal with everything from pakoda kadi, dahi ki tikki, anjeer puran poli, jaipuri aloo and basundi. Fasal believes in a farm to fork ideology and they use locally produced ingredients and directly tie up with farmers for all their food which is organic and wholesome. They also grow items like bajra and wheat in house which they use for a lot of their roti’s and veggies. All the restaurants work on different themes, Darwin the recently launched European bar & restaurant has a modern set up with a mini library, swings for seating, beakers and booth style seating as décor. On the other hand, the Wilson café is an open café, close to the poolside area where you can dine and at the same time enjoy some hot chocolate in the cool weather.

This property is located up in the mountains close to the main Mahableshwar market and the Venna lake. The ambience is perfect to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the resort. They believe that everything should be accessible to their guests so that they can enjoy their stay at the hotel and at the same time explore Mahableshwar by only traveling short distances. For larger groups they arrange a variety of activities including strawberry picking at farms near by.

Mahableshwar is the perfect getaway to just unwind in the pleasant weather. It is well-known for varied reasons – Old cultural temples, the main market where you can shop for wooden items, woolen clothes, leather bags and of course munch on some charcoal grilled corn cobs, strawberry and cream, carrots, radishes, gooseberries and mulberries. Eating at a farm area while visiting Mahableshwar is a must!

A place like Mahableshwar has always been a savior when it comes to escaping the heat of the city even if it’s for a short time span. Everything about this place brings us close to nature, be it the air, the mountains or the freshly grown produce. Places like Mahabaleshwar are definitely a refreshing and soothing break from the city life.

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