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Via Bombay, Chembur

The Mumbai Pune journeys gain a new momentum when a new place crops up that promises great food and an ambience that is rarely experienced in the other places in the surrounding area. ‘Via Bombay’, true to its name, located at Hotel Jewel Palace is a place that one can easily stop by for a sumptuous and satisfying meal with the family or with friends. The space opens to quirky interiors and posters of Bollywood icons, celebrities and a huge wall that displays newspapers dating back to the 50s’. While Chembur has reasonably scanty restaurants that provide a wholesome and holistic dining experience, this place is bound to act as a breather before you enter the Mumbai traffic or depart for a 2-hour long journey to Pune.

We headed for a peaceful afternoon meal to this place and sat at the table close to the bar. The place serves regional Indian cuisine and is especially famous for bringing forth Bombay specific items to the menu. A meal that will not elicit emotions which come with experimenting new cuisines, this is a place that is guaranteed to have you feeling at home and relaxed, something which most of us need as we stop by while on a road journey.

We started our meal with Roohavza which is Via Bombay’s take on the classic Rose Sherbet, served with Vodka, triple sec, lime juice and orange juice. With a bar that serves up some really good concoctions, their cocktails come with an Indian twist and are styled to impress. We sampled the Galouti Kebabs in Saffron Kulcha which could possibly be termed as our most favourite dish at the place. With Kachumbar on the side, the kulchas were incredibly soft and paired well with the kebabs that easily melt in the mouth as you bite into one. The Prawns Balchao is a dish that will appeal to everyone who devours prawns and served in between home made bao that is topped with sesame seeds, the spicy masala prawns will add a zing to your palate. While the bell peppers over power the flavours that come through, the prawns in itself are soaked in a tangy sauce and go very well with the bao.

The main course consisted of the Murgh Lababdar Biryani that is served quite interestingly in a miniature pressure cooker. Keeping all the flavours intact, the biryani is full of flavour and grazed with crispy onion bits and soft pieces of chicken that add the necessary drama. Kaali Daal and Churra Paratha are essentials and while the Paratha could have been flakier and decadent, the Daal offers solace. We finished our meal with a dessert that is served on a weighing scale equipment and is a delightful mixture of everything that we eat in a quintessential kulfi falooda. Via Bombay is a new opening next to Le Café in Chembur’s prime area and is worth stopping by for a meal that will satisfy you, before you head ahead on the journey.

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