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Uno Mas: Your Next Tapgear Pitstop

A sultry late Bombay evening, a hectic day at work and the torturous traffic that the city introduces us to every single day with equal amount of gusto. Aren’t we always searching for a cure to the after effects of these indulgences; one that can almost instantly put us back into a great mood, even on a weekday where the next day looms up, just as dreary as the one that has passed?

We headed to the newly opened Spanish Tapas Bar, Uno Mas, which translates to ‘One More’ and rightly so! You will have yourself calling out Uno Mas as you gulp away their drinks, served jubilantly by the team at Bar-Back Collective, four men changing the dynamics of F&B in India. The pin code takes you to a chic, upscale area in Bombay’s corporate park, Bandra Kurla Complex. A sturdy black door opens into a vibrant, lively space that will instantly transport you to an idyllic state of mind. Chandeliers adorn the ceiling and a rectangular bar at the centre with high rise chairs surrounding it define what your evening will look like. A Spanish influence is evident as tapas, the Spanish bar snack or appetiser is usually eaten standing at the bar or at small tables. Domes and architecture inspired by Moorish influences denote a melting pot of Middle East and Spanish cultures. The interior of this space is romantic, intimate and yet lively.

While the literal meaning of ‘tapa’ is lid, small plates of bread, cheese, ham or olives are often served with wine or beer as an accompaniment with food. While no real definition of tapas that exists, the verb ‘tapgear’ is often used by the Spanish people to denote their frequent bar hopping in between mid-day meals or for a quick binge before dinner. Tapas come in varied portions and are often inclusive of a wide variety of ingredients, be it olives skewered on a tooth pick, sausages on small plates, assortment of cheese and pickles, nuts and crisps or simply cold cuts of meats and cheeses served on top of a bread.

Our visit to Uno Mas started off with some delicious cocktails curated by the team with great inspiration drawn from their travels to Spain. A platter of house marinated olives, Indian anchovies, assorted cheese, capers, meats cured for over two years and in-house baked bread to sample with your drink will keep you going for a good two hours. Nibble into the soft cheese and pick out thyme-honey coated nuts as you sip away. The drinks are strong and the tapas are the perfect fix you need in between these swigs of strong concoctions. Gin and Tea and The Frenchie are two drinks we loved and devoured till the last drop. Chef Pallavi and Sagar bring in their years of experience in the industry to create dishes that showcase an in depth understanding of technique combined with a raging passion for food. The platters were followed by Moorish Baby Carrots served with Labneh and Dukkah Spice. Heavy on Mediterranean influences, this dish has perfectly cooked crunchy carrots with the famous Egyptian spice Dukkah paired with the sweetness of dill Labneh. A small plate of crispy aubergine fritters drizzled with spiced honey will create a lust for more as the flavours pop and the crunch from the fried fritters makes delving into the bowl for more, almost irresistible. The Patatas Bravas are a classic Spanish influence, deep fried potatoes in spicy tomato sauce and can rarely go wrong. But what cannot be missed when you visit a Spanish bar is the classic Paella! With both vegetarian and seafood options on the menu, the big pan of Paella is served piping hot and full of flavours.

After an onslaught of Tapas and drinks, giving in to the scrumptious desserts created by Chef Anurita is a given! Torrija, a brioche Spanish toast with fresh berries and ground cinnamon ice cream will get your phones out and clicking! This Instagram friendly masterpiece is just as succulent, heavenly and rich in the mouth as it looks on the plate. Toast is doused in a luscious sweet syrup and accompanied with compote and fresh tarty berries. Scoop out a little bit of the creamy cinnamon infused ice cream, a part of the soft toast and place a berry or two on top. Take an entire bite of this combination and you will go home heady and twirling. The Churros Con Chocolate are equally sinful with high quality Belgian chocolate to dunk into. Crispy on the outside and soft layers inside, the churros are just the right amount of sweet you will need after a date at this bar. Uno Mas opened doors in October, the address is mentioned below.

Inspire BKC, Unit 2, MGL Gas Pump Service Lane, Bandra Kurla Complex Road, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai


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