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The Feast of the 7 Fish ft CinCin

We have all been to a variety of Italian restaurants that have recently cropped up in the city. However, there remains to be a certain panache when it comes to stand alone restaurants like CinCin. After eating extensively in most newly opened cafes / restaurants and bistros in Mumbai, we can safely say that some places really bring on a charm and an experience that is worthy of your time, money and head space. CinCin, located at the prime of Bandra Kurla Complex, has always been one among them.

Serving exquisite Italian cuisine, CinCin welcomes you with an open-air seating area that is just the most appropriate way to brunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon. With coral coloured high chairs and mild blue plates, the ambience is pleasant and minimal in its appeal. The word CinCin means ‘toast’ and downing some champagne or sipping on cocktails while the Bombay sun shines brightly upon you is probably best when you sit in the open-air seating that overlooks the corporate offices around. The inside area is more intimate and dimly lit, exuding a quieter atmosphere for a meal.

We recently went to CinCin for their newly executed ‘Feast of the 7 Fish’ that plays with a few exotic ingredients and sends out dishes which are as close to authenticity as possible. Focussing on Italy’s regional food, the menu is designed beautifully with a suggested pairing of a chilled bottle of champagne to wash down the seafood specials on the menu. Started the meal with ‘Gamberi Avocado E Pomodorino’, a rich plate of river prawns, sliced avocado with lemon strewn on top and cherry tomatoes for a punch. The prawns were perfectly cooked and the lemon gave it just the perfect amount of sourness. The avocado was soft and luscious and the combination worked brilliantly together, not only when we took a mouthful but the fresh visual appeal as the cherry tomatoes glinted in the sunlight. The next dish was the ‘Fritture Mista Di Pesce’ which is a mixture of seafood- fritter style. The assorted vegetables with seafood is a quick bar snack often eaten on the streets of Italy as a snack. You can nibble on them as you drink and build an appetite for the main course.

The third dish ‘Fettuccine Zafferano E  Cozze’ was the highlight of our meal and truly sumptuous in its make. This pasta is clad with fresh mussels and has red chillies strewn on top to give it a hint of feisty flavour that breaks through the monotony of the saffron sauce. The saffron sauce in itself is creamy and one bite of this delicious pasta will leave you heady and wanting to polish off the plate. The fourth dish was Grilled Jumbo Prawns but what we truly loved came right after! The ‘Scallops E Tartufo’ are pan seared scallops that rest on a bed of cauliflower puree drizzled with fresh black truffle. The scallops are a delight in the mouth and dab a bit of the puree on a piece of scallop and you have a rare combination. The next dish on the feast is the ‘Branzino Al Cartoccio Con Acciughe’. Indian sea bass that is served along with anchovies, potatoes, onions and cherry tomatoes; the fish is soft and melt in the mouth succulent. Coupled with vegetables on the side, it accounts for a healthy meal and is a great choice for a main course item. The light yet creamy tomato based seafood risotto is their last dish on this exquisite feast menu.

The Feast of the 7 Fish will whisk you straight to Italy and the food will have you imagining a meal on the famous Amalfi Coast. The gleaming marble bar inside will treat you to different wines and the hand rolled, artisanal pastas will give you a glimpse of Italian cuisine, right in the heart of Bombay.

Location: Ground floor, Raheja Towers, Near Dena Bank, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East.

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