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The Appam Binge at Hoppumm

We have had multiple food outlets serving a variety of cuisines across the city but delicious appams with an unconventional twist are something that the city was really missing! Located in a quaint lane in Pali Hill, Bandra West, Hoppumm is run by Jai Wadhwa  & Sahil Wadhwa alongside co-partner and Chef Lakshit Shetty.

This tiny and cosy outlet is home to yummy delicacies and is bringing a little bit of Sri Lanka back home. An outdoor seating of 10-12 people beckons you as the sun pours in and yet a shade on top keeps the area protected. A black marble seating and wooden tables keep the vibe simple, clean and uncomplicated. As you step inside, a wallpaper of palm leaves that adorns the wall stands to be the highlight of the place, giving a tropical Sri Lankan vibe. The area is limited and getting a place here could be a challenge.

The menu is one that contains a variety of seafood, meat and vegetarian options with curries that will make you drool before the food appears. Fresh Appams and Neer Dosas are made from scratch in the kitchen and served piping hot. Most of the dishes come with sides that you can dip your appam or parotta in and are often served with onion sambal chutney & a chutney of the month. The mains, however, are so flavourful by themselves, very rarely needing the seasonal accompaniments, that are essentially used to enhance the flavour of the otherwise plain hoppers.

We started with the Sri Lankan Mutton Rolls that are deep fried cigar rolls filled with minced mutton. The rolls are crispy on the outside and the mutton stuffing is just the right balance of flavours. A great refreshment to opt for in between the food is the Alam Neer drink that is cold and tangy and provides a much-needed cooling effect. But what takes the cake and is an absolute must-have at this place is the Prawn Moilee. The Prawn Moilee is an appam with a coconut spice based prawn curry that soaks the centre of the appam. The rich, creamy texture of the curry and the multiple flavours that pop up in the mouth will stay with you for hours after the meal. Dip the appam into the curry and bite into the prawns that are completely immersed in the flavour. We assure you there will be no disappointment.

There are a variety of items on the menu that are unique preparations, however, a few clearly stand out.  The Chicken 65 is a zesty preparation with a soft pieces of chicken. The curry can be eaten with the appam or a neer dosa. We also tried the Mutton Pepper Fry that has a distinct taste of pepper with subtle flavours of fried sliced Mutton with a Sri Lankan Kothu Roti. So go get your hands on some delectable food and make sure you don’t miss out on the Prawn Moilee!

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