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Sharing The Load With My Mum

Change is an inevitable consequence of life and the faster you realize that, the easier it gets to adapt to the environment. Most of the change that comes our way is a process that works in enhancing our mindset and taking the society forward, be it gradually or sometimes with a quick jolt.

In most cases where change comes gradually, it is usually here to stay. In case of social issues, India has tackled immensely-serious issues like patriarchy for the longest time and today, we see a relatively progressive mind set and evolving ideas that seem to be changing gradually. I was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house that celebrates women and truly treats everyone as equals. My parents always instilled in us that no work is beneath anyone and sharing the load even at home, is always better. When it comes to getting work done, I have always been a firm believer of sharing the jobs; be it helping my mom to cook or clean the dishes or simply sharing the load with my sibling as we work together to complete tasks at home.

My dad was always a cleanliness freak, this translated to him wiping everything clean when he was home and being very obsessive about keeping things dust free. My sister on the other hand loves plants, so she was the one who always took care of the potted plants and the little garden we have in our house. This meant that the load got shared without even planning or intending to. I genuinely feel that every family functions better when the load is shared and distributed, this means that the chores are also fun and Sundays are more of a family get together than just the usual day off.

My typical family Sunday is a big deal. Every Sunday we all make sure that Sunday lunch is at home and the chores are equally distributed. We usually eat a Sindhi style meal. I’m talking Sindhi curry with rice, fried papads, sweet boondi mithai, raita and aloo tuk. My father is in-charge of bringing the veggies for the curry, mainly because he has a good eye for good produce and he’s super picky. My mum and I spend time in the kitchen prepping the curry, raita and the tuk. My sister doesn’t really help much in the kitchen, I could probably call her the food critic of the house but she makes sure she takes charge of the Sunday drinks. Which makes up for everything else that she annoys us for! But regardless of everything, we all make sure that our Sunday meals are at home. And we all come together to cook a brilliant meal. Here is one of the recipes that I usually use on a happy Sunday when I am excited and dying to feed my family with some yummy, wholesome food!

Recipe Card


Gram flour: 4 TBSP

Mustard seeds: ½ TSP

Fenugreek seeds: ½ TSP

Cumin seeds: ½ TSP

Curry leaves: 8-10 leaves

Oil: 6 TBSP

Tomatoes: 2 medium (chopped)

Lady Fingers: 8-10

Drumstick: 1 stick

Potatoes: 2 medium

Cluster Beans(Gawar beans): 10-12

Turmeric Powder: ¼ TSP

Red Chilli powder: ½ TSP

Salt to taste

Ginger: 1 TSP grated

Tamarind Pulp: 1 TBSP

Water: 5 cups

 Coriander leaves: 1 TBPS


  1. In a deep large non-stick pan heat the 4 tablespoons of oil and add: mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, ginger and curry leaves. Sauté till the seeds are fragrant
  2. Add the gram flour, stir it well and cook it till it’s a shade darker. Add three cups of the water, tomatoes, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt, stir the mixture and cook for 20 minutes
  3. Cut the drumstick into 1.5 inch pieces, cut the potatoes into big cubes and trim the lady fingers and cluster beans from the sides. In another non-stick pan, shallow fry all the veggies separately one at a time for a minute each. Add these into the curry mixture
  4. Once the veggies are cooked, add the tamarind pulp, stir well and cook for a minute or two
  5. Garnish with coriander and serve it up with steamed rice

I truly feel that all this help contributes tremendously and takes the load off the person who runs the kitchen. Though we have maids and help coming in, my mom does a fair bit of the kitchen work and me helping her in whatever way I can is a huge relief to her day. Even taking up simple and small things like washing the dishes or helping her with laundry, cutting veggies once in a while or simply fixing her a cup of hot tea when she’s tired can be relaxing. And this what all of us should be doing, helping at home, sharing the work and actively helping the family run more efficiently and happily. Ariel India’s newest  film highlights the importance of gender equality right at home, a place where young minds are shaped. The film talks about sharing the load at home; coming in the form of any chore, however miniscule it is.From my personal experience[DE1][Office2] , sharing tasks at home not only reduces the load on a single person but also creates a family bond which is very important, especially today. Growing up, I’ve seen my father play an active role in the house. For me that is the normal way and that’s how it should be. Seeing this from childhood, is naturally going to make me expect this from my partner in the future.  Kudos to Ariel for spreading such an important message, I’m delighted to be a part of this small step towards change. It’s really important to be aware and help as much as you can at home be it in the kitchen, cleaning the house, making your own bed, laundry, watering the plants, or just any small thing that truly contributes and helps the other members in the house. It can relieve your mom of the numerous activities she needs to keep a tab on. So, make sure you share the load, start from your own household! 

Watch the complete video here!

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