Reviving Old Traditions With A Marathi Mejwani At Maya

Walk into an area like Bandra Kurla Complex and you will feel the tall, dominating structures hollering over you. There are various outlets of different kinds of cuisines in this area, some of them being a franchise of restaurant chains that were started abroad, trying to go as authentic as possible while keeping the ambience sophisticated and neat, the kind that works perfectly for a corporate lunch meeting. Amidst all this, however, what comes to mind is the shortage of places serving traditional Indian cuisine.

So, when we were invited to Maya, the Indian speciality restaurant at Trident in BKC, our appetites soared. ‘Rivaayat’ was launched by The Oberoi Group in 2015 with an objective of reviving and keeping traditional Indian cuisine thriving in today’s world and also ensuring that this venture gives a platform to culinary experts whose mastery lies in regional Indian cuisine. The rich culture and heritage of our country demands that intricate attention be paid to every detail when it comes to curating a menu that is specific to a region. And that is exactly what one sees at Maya.

Trident welcomes you with tremendous warmth and the ambience sets a tone that is calming and soothing for the meal you plan to devour. Maya has a structured, neat seating area that resonates shades of burnished gold, copper and red; colours that resemble and remind you of a classic traditionally rich set up. We are taken to a table at the corner, a bronzed table cloth with floating sunflowers in a glass pot welcome us as we take our seats. The ‘Marathi Mejwani’ which is an on-going festival at this place has a special menu dedicated to it and as we take a quick look at it, we are served a basket of papads containing the typical Marathi snack- the Sabudana Papad to munch on before the starters arrive. The menu covers various parts of Maharashtra and represent a breadth of flavours found across the coastal Konkan belt- a homogenous combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin with influences from Goan cuisine as well as Varadi, Kolhapuri, Solapuri and Puneri Peshwai cuisine from the interiors of Maharashtra.

The starters are a combination of fish, mutton, chicken and prawns served with locally sourced spices like the green chutney and the famous red garlic chutney, usually found inside a vadapav. The main course is a Thali that is just as appetising as it’s visually appealing and with influences from across different regions, you will be treated to a little bit of paradise through small bowls of delectable food. We savoured the Malvani Macchi Tikka, clay oven cooked fish that is cooked to perfection and marinated with Chirfal and other spices. The fish is succulent and soft and breaks easily, just the way you want it to. The Sholapur Sheng Mutton is a dish with tender pieces of mutton cooked in tandoor with a traditional spicy rub. The Koli Sarga Fry is a koli styled black pomfret with black pepper, lichen and fennel and is exactly what you need along with all the curries along side it. A bowl of aged basmati rice and aromatic spices with spicy chicken meatballs is the Kolhapuri Kombdi Dum Pulao that can be eaten with the cold, refreshing Dahi Raita served in another bowl. However, there are many options to pick from and the Paplet Amti, a spicy curry made from black Tellicherry Peppercorns and served with Pomfret is one more delicious preparation. With a Phulka and some onions on the side to nibble on as your meal progresses, the Marathi Mejwani is a great tribute to the culture and tradition of Maharashtra and a beautiful portrayal of this state’s food.

Though the food served looks extravagant and luscious, it’s equally rooted to the region that it’s sourced from and the flavours are rich without overpowering each other. The combinations work brilliantly and every bite takes you on a local culinary journey. It’s homely, comforting and yet lets you escape into the luxurious setting that the interiors command.

With ‘Marathi Mejwani’, Trident in BKC offers to pay homage to the authentic Maharashtrian delicacies by renowned Chef Aditya Mehendale from 19th to the 30th of November.

Timing:  12 30 pm – 3 pm & 7 30 pm – 11 00 pm

Address: C-56, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051