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For Old Times’ Sake; Santacruz’s newest old school pub

Replacing Three Wise Men in Santacruz West, comes a new entrant that will perk up interest for everyone who is a bit of an old soul, loves a classic retro vibe and a really strong drink to go with it. The place being a tiny, cosy pub is one that evokes a true old school feel and brings back Rock n Roll to Mumbai’s nightlife!

As you enter, a rustic vibe leads you onto a space with warm yellow lighting and a horde of posters, frames and décor pieces that scream retro. There is simply no overlooking the theme. David Bowie posters adorn the walls while Eric Clapton plays in the background. Frames of yesteryear pop stars and music icons are strewn over a wall and a television set displays Tracy Chapman and the likes. Being adequately tiny, yet cosy and uncluttered, the area further complements the theme. Lamp shades that bend over the table, music records as coasters, electric guitars hung upon the walls and bright murals painted across columns add the final touch.

We sat at a corner booth with the typical circular style seating and a coloured couch beneath marble table tops. Starting with a strong cocktail named after the Jamaican singer ‘Bob Marley’; every drink at this place is bound to stir you up instantly. The loaded nachos with sour cream and salsa are a plateful of heavenly goodness to dig into while you get a kick from the strong cocktail concoctions. The quantity is admirable and the appetisers being the focus of the menu are given due thought and presented well. We then went for the Pollo Salsa Piccante which is essentially crunchy chicken coated in spicy tomato sauce which serves as the perfect bar snack and guarantees instant satisfaction to the palate. The chicken is crunchy and perfectly cooked. There after we tried the Chicken Vada Pav with Buttermilk Mayo and Theecha Hummus which is tangy and a great way of replicating the desi snack. The sauce, however, could have been given a miss or recreated differently! The main course was Spaghetti in Pesto with Sun-dried Tomatoes and one can always end with a brownie and ice cream after a night of drinking and savoury bar nibbles.

Old Times’ Sake is a place for the soul and fit for a drinking night with your oldest friends. It’s cosy, comfortable and warm and the food is sufficiently yummy to keep you going for a few more hours into the night! Make sure you head early, as the space is limited and grabbing a corner booth should definitely be on the cards!

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