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Classic Churros with a Chili Chocolate Sauce

For those of you who’ve been following my social media feeds know about my fondness for dessert. It’s reached that point, where I actually pick restaurants to eat at on the basis of their dessert menu. My love for sugar-coated food extends to the kitchen and whenever a sweet craving hits I always find ingredients to put together to satiate the craving. Experimenting with confectionary ingredients in the kitchen and creating pretty looking delicious dessert has always been my favorite hobby. But, when I’m in that flow of trying out new things I always end up making a mess in the kitchen.

Handling camera equipment and preparing experimental dishes is not as easy as it looks. The behind the scenes can turn out to be a bit of a disaster. Like for these churros with a chili chocolate sauce that I made, I had to go through batches and batches to get the recipe perfect. Proportions are the most important thing when making this dish, if it goes wrong it can be disastrous. My favorite apron got stained in the process too but fortunately I washed it right away with Ariel Liquids( and it came out clean with zero stains. The best part, it kept the colors intact so it made the apron look as good as new.(

So, without further ado here is the recipe for the delicious churros+chocolate sauce:

Classic Churros with a Chili Chocolate Sauce

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Serves: 25 churros


  • For the Churros:
  • • 1+1/3rd cup flour
  • • ½ tsp baking powder
  • • 2 tbs of brown sugar
  • • 1 cup water
  • • 120 gms of salted butter
  • • 1 egg (room temprature)
  • • Piping bag
  • • Star nozzle
  • • 8 cups of vegetable oil for frying
  • • 1/3rd cup caster sugar
  • • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • For the Chili Chocolate Sauce:
  • • 150 gms of cooking chocolate ( I used Morde milk chocolate)
  • • ½ tsp of red chili paste (You can chop it up finely too)
  • • ½ cup Amul cream
  • • 2 tbs of butter





• Sift the flour and baking powder and set aside


• In a heavy bottom pan add the salted butter, brown sugar and water


• Melt the butter and dissolve the brown sugar


• Take it off the heat and immediately add the flour+baking powder and mix well


• Let the mixture cool a bit (in the meantime heat up the vegetable oil for frying)


• Add the egg once the mixture is cool and mix well


• Put the mixture in a piping bag which has a star nozzle


• Fry the churros in the hot oil


• Mix the caster sugar and cinnamon


• Roll the churros in the cinnamon sugar mixture


Chocolate Sauce:


• Either take a heavy bottom pan or a double boiler and add the chocolate pieces


• Add the cream, chili and butter


• Let the chocolate melt completely and take it off the heat immediately


• Enjoy the chili chocolate sauce with freshly fried churros!


While making the chocolate sauce make sure there is no moisture/water droplets. It will spoil the texture of the sauce.


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