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A Mexican Rendezvous At Sancho’s

The anticipation for Sancho’s relaunch has been palpable and when it finally opened, the restaurant started seeing a buzz even on solemn Mondays. Sancho’s opened in Khar with Chef Esdras Ochoa joining hands with Chef Amninder Sandhu. “Esdras and I really bonded over our love for food when we met on the sets. We found a huge similarity between Mexican and Indian food and that is when I decided that Mumbai really needs a good Mexican restaurant and who better to bring in than LA’s very own Taco King,” says Amninder Sandhu on their collaboration.

Located at the same place where Korner House was, Sancho’s has a spacious, pleasant vibe, something that would seemingly go well with a Sunday brunch. With cocktails and liquors of Mexican origin, this is a place where you can expect strong and pure Tequila and beers.Curated by Gauri Khan, the interiors are minimal and the cutlery is excruciatingly basic. Designed to bring in natural light, the space has a lot of green to keep it fresh and inviting. The neutral tones are broken by colourful mosaic tiles and a Mexican rug that adds a decided charm to the place. A quintessential upscale suburban crowd keeps the place buzzing and the ambience luxurious and peppy.

We started our meal with the classic Mexican go-to meal option, Guac and chips. Made with creamy and fresh avocados,the Guacamole was truly the king of the meal. Paired with charcoal infused tortilla chips, this is a dish that should definitely be on your cards when you visit. This was followed by Tostaditas Tingas; braised chipotle tender pulled chicken, sour cream, avocado and delicious aged cotiga cottage cheese go into making this appetiser. A dollop of sour cream on top of the chicken adds flavour. When it comes to trying different flavours and experiencing a taste of Mexico, Sancho’s fares well amongst the various other Mexican cuisine restaurants in the city with it’s focus on importing key ingredients that are essential to this cuisine, right from the homeland.

Next up were the tacos. Now you can’t really eat a Mexican meal without attempting to eat the tacos served at the restaurant. Fish and seafood fans can opt for the Ensenada Fish Taco with beer battered red snapper, chipotle mayonesa, salsa arbol, cabbage & pico de gallo on a handmade tortilla. The fish is soft from the inside and crunchy from the outside goes really well with the soft shell tacos while a burst of different flavours dominate the palate. The Fuego Fajitas are visually appealing and a real treat to the senses. With grilled sweet onion, peppers, refrito beans and shrimp served with a hearty portion of beans, rice, salsa, handmade tortillas and guacamole and sour cream; loading up the tortilla with a little bit of everything is delightful. Biting into this mixture of flavours that are so close to home, colourful and bursting in the mouth is an experience we don’t often come across in the city.

The desserts are another story altogether and you will have sinned if you fail to try the Tres Leches cake on their menu.Three milk cake concoction, this is a slice that you will remember for a longtime after you leave the restaurant. Delightfully sweet, airy and creamy, the cake is what you will not mind breaking your diet for. Take a little bit of the cream and glaze the cake with it. Take a good bit of the cake onto the spoon and load it with more milky cream from the side. And trust us, this will be a bite that will reach your heart before it slides to the stomach. The Churros come with three accompaniments; tequila dulce de leche, rosemary strawberry compote and sea salt chocolate. With cinnamon sugar dusted on top of these gloriously light churros, dipping into the chocolate and taking a bite will send you straight to dessert heaven. Sancho’s is a new opening that should be on your agenda this month, ‘Salud’!

Contact No: 9833373888, 26482727, 26484747

Address: Sancho’s, 21, Pali Hill Rd, Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India 

Tostaditas Tingas; braised chipotle tender pulled chicken, sour cream, avocado and delicious aged cotiga cottage cheese

Facebook and Instagram: @sanchosindia

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