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A Little Bit Of Mexico In The Suburbs Of Mumbai

One of the places that we have all been accustomed to visiting for their delectable Mexican cuisine is the Andheri West outlet of Sammy Sosa. A relatively tiny, cosy eating joint that has now expanded and also incorporated new beers on the menu is one that has been serving customers happily for more than a decade. Sammy Sosa is a homegrown food brand that has grown consistently over the years making sure that their quality and service stays just as impeccable as it was when they started out. We headed to the Oshiwara outlet to sample their new beer menu and also try the revamped food menu that now serves healthier options which includes vegan variations as well.

The place gives a very old school, nostalgia inducing, comfortable vibe that partially comes from the fact that the restaurant has been around for over a decade now. The interiors are minimal and the staff is jubilant on most days.

We started off by ordering the recommended Australian Craft Beer that contained bits of banana and clove and was delicious and refreshing. The beer menu is almost similar to a bible for beer lovers and with the tremendous options to try from, the famous tequila beer from Mexico should be on your cards. While Sammy Sosa does serve Mexican cuisine as its primary focus, a blend of other dishes from all over the world are also available to be ordered in a separate section of the menu. Preparations that are specific to England, Africa, Turkey and France are seen in this section and thus ensure that the menu is not limited to just Mexican cuisine.

Another really endearing thing about Sammy Sosa is their ability to customise the food and dishes according to the customer’s palate. Not only do they entertain requests to change the preparation as per your wish, they also make sure you are well informed about the kind of things on the menu which you might have missed out on. Adaptability is not always easily accommodated by most restaurants, but Sammy Sosa does well in this regard.

The restaurant also pays exquisite attention to the kind of chilli that goes into the food. Since Mexican cuisine revolves around their spices, in a very different way from the way Indians use spice, using chilli that is imported from the proper source and then ensuring that it mixes perfectly with the dish can be daunting. Chillies such as Habanero and Chipotle are imported by the restaurant to guarantee authenticity of flavours and aromas that are only exclusive to these imported chillies. The nachos at Sammy Sosa is a dish that has always been on the list of things to order when you visit this place and it remains to be equally enticing and tasty even today. With 5 types of salsas; a classic one along with a pineapple, mango, corn and surprisingly even a strawberry salsa to go with the nachos, this is a dish that can be quite fulfilling in terms of quantity and flavour. The different types of salsas, the quintessential guacamole to dip into and our all-time favourite- sour cream, this is one dish that just never gets old. The portions are satisfying and the flavours resonate with our palate, being very close to Indian cuisine in terms of the kind of ingredients that go into the making of most dishes.

Along with the scrumptious food, the vegan options are something worth trying. The restaurants has also started serving healthier versions of desserts and the avocado ice cream with honey and toasted oats is something we truly devoured. The ice-cream is smooth and creamy and the oats provide the required crunch. We are sure to head back for another round soon!

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